About Us!

Our Montserrat Class!

Top row: Professor Bukatko, Maggie, Vienna, Clay

Second row: Annie, Ryan, Chris, Jess

Third row: Katie, Lauren, Blake, Lianna

Fourth row: Christina, Zach, Nicole

Hello! We are a group of first year students at the College of the Holy Cross. Every first year student must complete a year long seminar course known as Montserrat. Each seminar explores different topics in depth, with ours focusing on child development and inequalities in education as a result of race, gender, and class.

For our final project, the class decided to host a fundraiser to give back to the families in our Worcester community. As shared with us by Eve Gilmore of Edward Street, very few children in Worcester have an at-home library, which is vital to childhood development. The money that we raised went to purchasing copies of the book I Am Enough by Grace Byers, which emphasizes loving who you are and being kind to others. We are partnered with Edward Street to distribute the book to many local families.

To complete our mission, our class began by brainstorming our ideas as a group and then splitting up into various teams. First, Maggie, Chris, and Christina gathered multiple book options which led to our decision of selecting I am Enough. Jessica and Clay were in charge of creating the website, while Vienna, Zach, Ryan, Katie worked on design and production. Thanks to Lauren, Annie, and Lianna, we were able to fundraise enough money to purchase 145 books that were then performed by Blake and Nicole. We all hope you enjoy our project just as much as we enjoyed working together to make it possible!